Have A Dog, Have A Teammate

Our club members all share one thing in common, we love to be outside and active with our dogs. Together we practice all disciplines of harness dog sports; canicross, bikejoring, skijoing, scooter, cani-hike and trail, kicksled, and dogsledding. We welcome everyone and their dog from beginners to seasoned veterans, recreational to elite teams. Our goal is to promote the safe and responsible practice of these sports in a fun and welcoming community. 

Our club is is a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Sanctioned by the Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports (MAHDS), a regional division of the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports (CAHDS) we are connected to a world wide community of human and canine athletes through the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS). As such, our club is accountable to the highest standards of animal welfare and all of our members agree to uphold the MAHDS Code of Conduct.

Throughout the year our club offers weekly opportunities to practice harness dog sports around the Halifax area in community with others. We offer introductions to harness dog sports for beginners on an ongoing basis and provide opportunities for members who desire to further develop their skills as a team. We host fun runs and races on the MAHDS regional race circuit to provide members with opportunities for fun competition and to celebrate their development as a team.